"It's really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don't know what the want until you show it to them."
-- Steve Jobs 1955-2011

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Ray Kurzweil: The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology Lars Tvede: The Creative Society: How the Future Can Be Won Nick Bostrom: Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies
"Our intuition about the future is linear. But the reality of information technology is exponential, and that makes a profound difference.
If I take 30 steps linearly, I get to 30. If I take 30 steps exponentially, I get to a billion."
-- Ray Kurzweil 1948-


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"The universe exists because everything cant't be in nothing."
-- L. H. Filskov 1972-

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